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Carp King PVA Mesh 10M card refill - 25mm/37mm

PVA mesh – quick melt on a handy winder  - we offer 10m most companies only offer upto 8m !!

Two sizes available 25mm and 37mm
Strong and flexible, our quick dissolve  PVA mesh can be easily shaped for all types of bait.

Bulk buy with X10 pack and bag yourself a nice saving

CARP KING PVA MESH - How it works

Poly Vinyl Alcohol is a water-soluble compound that dissolves when in contact with water or water-based liquids. It will not dissolve if coated with heavy oil-based additives. We only make close woven mesh to give the user a stretchable material which is suitable for both small and large baits. The solubility of our PVA will vary due to water temperature. PVA will take a long time to dissolve in temperatures below 10 degrees. Our mesh pattern is designed to split open and expel its contents and there may be evidence of compressed PVA (knots) at times, this is normal and will dissolve eventually.

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