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BAIT SAUCE / GOO 100ml bottle 6 Great Flavours CATCH MORE CARP with Added Betaine

New from CARP KING we are excited to offer our latest product - BAIT SAUCE

CARP KING BAIT SAUCE has been formulated from top quality 100% natural ingredients with the most popular tried and tested strong flavours. Each of the 6 flavours are immersed in a sweet thick glucose syrup and is completely PVA friendly. 
Can be used sparingly because it is thick and sticky and goes along way giving you better value.

With added Betaine to provide a strong and prolonged feeding response!!
This is the only additive that CARP KING recommend.

Ideal for soaking hook baits, feed baits or adding directly to PVA bags. 
Comes in a leak free resealable easy squeeze bottle with built in nozzle applicator.

IF you know CARP KING we only put our name on Quality Value for Money Products

100ml Biting BUTTERCREAM
100ml Pungent PINEAPPLE
100ml Stinky SQUID & OCTOPUS
100ml Sweet SCOPEX
100ml Creamy CHOC B
100ml Tasty TIGERNUT

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